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Monday, March 16, 2009

Winners , Annoncements and Simplifying Oh My!

The Winners of the journals are:
Latte_Grande and

Please email me your addresses at and I will send them off to you.

I have a journal and a paper crafting/scrapbooking RAK to be given on the 31st. Pictures post on Tuesday. All who post between now and the 31st will automatically be entered to win.

I am so excited to announce that this week I will introduce you to someone that just might change your life. She certainly has impacted mine. She is SO talented and creative..any of you that are involved in the scrapbooking world may recognize her name as she is published in one publication or another just about every month. She has used this gift of creativity to begin to heal through one of the most difficult times in her life, to leave a legacy for her children and to document her goals and achievements. She encourages my heart and I know she will yours. Get ready to be blown away. Our interview is scheduled for Tuesday so it will go up on Wednesday.

Today as we start the back half of our How to simplify your life series we will look at what influences our daily life. It can be what we listen to, what we watch, what we surf or look at on the web and what we read. Did you know that what goes into your MIND comes out in your LIFE?! It's true. I have just started to look at this area of my life again and how it is influencing how I feel at the end of the day, how it is influencing my thinking and at times my actions. We will be working on this for a few days. Today I want you to take a bit of time and write down what you are watching, listening to and reading today. Post it here or email me if you would rather do this in private. If you wish to keep the list to yourself just post here that you are doing this assignment and you will still be entered into the drawing on the 31st. I think we will all be surprised at what is going into our minds through Media each day. Have a blessed day. See you Tuesday.


  1. May I ask everyone to say a prayer that I may continue to "not let others define who I am". I have let this become VERY difficult again last week!!!!!

    So--this is an excellent exercise! When I become that "couch potato" and watch junk like: "Real Housewives of NYC", or "Millionaire Matchmaker", or every rerun of my favorite show, "House"-----I feel a "rush" and then depressed. Pretty clear that I use that to "numb out"---which I did ALOT of last week.

    When I listen to Christian music (the soft, ballad kind), or my favorite "Mid-day Connection" on the radio and try and SIT STILL, I feel calm and connected to other women (such as here). I did a little of this on the weekend.

    Being in my church (worship service or alone) is still a good place for me to be at least 3 times a week. I exercise my body then---I NEED to exercise my soul. Sometimes I take my journal, sometimes not. It is amazing the meditation I get from God. I'm able to sit there (cause I can't be hopping up to do dishes, get online, clean up my sitting room, etc).

    Being home & reading my Bible often takes me "away to great places" quickly---and my mind stops "racing".

    It's soo easy to "put in the good stuff"---and yet, I find the first things I still reach for when I'm REALLY stressed is the garbage!

    Having someone (Susan) and a group like yourselves to be accountable to is wonderful! I get alot out of all of you sharing.

    Love to all!

  2. Watching: House, Dollhouse, Bones aaaaaand Lie to Me.
    Listening: 101.1 KUFO Radio Station, all day. LOL :D I heart my hardcore (not really so hardcore, but I like to think of it that way) music.
    Reading: Constantly taking in as much as possible with scrapbooking, all of my new friends on Tally and other places. Love going to all the blogs, and reading!