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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Introducing Staci Compher

Staci you have inspired me for over a year now as a scrapbook artist and even more with the powerful journaling . I know that you have used your creativity to work through your pain and that it has been very therapeutic for you. Can you please tell us what inspires you to use this form as an outlet for grief..

I never really planned on using scrapbooking as an outlet for grief, actually I remember, it took awhile after my husband (ED) passed even touch my scrapbook supplies...I felt guilty for even thinking of it.but I remember taking a picture of my husbands shoes that were by the front door, and wanting to scrapbook them before I put them away, so I did a layout about the shoes and journaled about how I felt, and in some small way it was healing getting those feelings down on paper through art, and then Rachel started her art journal group, and for the first year after he passed away I filled this journal monthly with my feelings,fears...and just sadness, but I was also able to watch myself grow through the journal, and get stronger, and when I am having a rough day..I often flip through it to see how far I've come, another thing is I think my girls will find it interesting when they are older to read this journal to.

Do you have advise for others that would like to start on their own journey of scrap therapy? What is the first thing you would tell them to do?

Use photographs I think they're very strong, and show a feeling or mood without words, and don't follow any rules, and just let it out...journal your feelings, get lost in the paper,glue...paint.

There is another area of your life that you have inspired me in and that is your choice to become healthy. Can you tell us what the turning point was and why what you are doing now is working for you?

After Ed passed away I remember telling a friends " I wouldn't care if I dropped dead tomorrow" because more than anything I just wanted to be with my husband, I know that is selfish..but it's honest..I just couldn't imagine life without him, then my Doctor told me that i was pre diabetic, and to make things worse they found something on my ekg and wanted to me see a cardiologist...all of a sudden hearing this news, my girls popped into my head, what about our girls? It was the first time since he died that I realized that I DO want to live, my girls had lost their father, and I owed it to them to at least try and get healthy, I owe it to Ed to be here and take care of our girls...and I owe it to myself. I found info about optifast, and found a doctor in my area, and six months later I have lost 117 pounds, and even though I still have a long way to go, but I've learned that I need to set an example for my girls, and that I have to have a new relationship with food, learning how to shop healthier, order food healthier..count calories..and believe it or not become a gym member. I feel like I have no choice, the free ride is over..but it's worth it...I feel great.

I know you have a blog because I am on it all the time. Would you mind sharing your blog address with us?

I know that I have shared with you that you inspire and help others just by being Staci and doing what your were obviously created to do..share honestly and create ART. I want to just take this opportunity to thank you for allowing God to use you in the lives of others and to help heal some of us that are broken.

Now before I let you go I just have to brag on you a bit. You have been published in more magazines than anyone I know. Please share with us the list of magazine you have been published in and where we can find you this month. I know we will all want to go buy a copy.

I've been very lucky to have been published with Scrapbook Trends, Scrapbook & Cards today, Scrapbooking and Beyond,For keeps, Scrapbooks etc,and this month you can find me in Creating Keepsakes and Somerset memories, and I am excited to have my first pub with Memory makers Magazine in july/august of this summer

I made a beautiful 12x12 tribute layout of my friend Staci but as I shared with you yesterday my son Ede borrowed my camera and I will not get it back until Sunday. I will upload it onto the blog then. I am making all my blog interview tribute pages 12x12 to fit into a special album I am doing. So for is a picture of the Divine Miss Staci. Thanks again for sharing with us Staci.

You can can see some of Staci's work over at TallyScrappers. Visit by hitting the TallyScrapper button at the top right of the blog.Rachel is there as well (Our January interview) and she has an ongoing art journal prompt that she shares twice a month. Oh and I am over there too..I would LOVE to have you join us!!! See you Thursday. Remember...What goes into your mind comes out in your life. What are letting into your mind today?


  1. Beautiful person, great interview!

  2. It has been SUCH a privilege to be allowed to watch Staci work her way through the grieving process in her pages. She is such an amazing woman, and every time she shares something in her pages I feel like I have gotten to peek through a window into her heart. She is so special to me. GREAT interview, Staci!! I love you, lady!!

  3. Fabulous interview, ladies! Staci, you've been such an inspiration, I don't know if I told you this, but you're a big reason why I finally decided to start my own weight-loss journey! I'm SO proud of you and all you've accomplished, girl!!

  4. Great interview! Staci, you are a BEAUTIFUL woman! Lovely insides and

  5. Staci - What an amazing, strong woman you are! God Bless You!

    I just sent a friend a link who recently lost her sister. I think this would help her.
    Many Blessings~~~ Danielle

  6. Danielle sent me this link to come here. Thanks Staci for your story it was really nice to read. Like Danielle said I just lost my sister unexpectedly at the first of March. She died in her sleep. I have already lost my mother 10 years ago to cancer and I also lost a sister when she was only 10years old in 1985 when my step-dad accidently ran her over. I have been scrapping now for a couple of years but at the moment I feel guilty for even thinking about the hobby. I guess it is also the guilt of being alive while she died. Yesterday those I did think happier thoughts I was thinking with this nice weather she would have been doing this or that outside.

    After reading your story of healing through scrapbooking I think that it would help me. To scrap pics of her. I have scrap pics of my little sister and my mom.

  7. Wonderful interview! Staci you are such an inspiration to so many of us! I too cherish all the wonderful pages you've done of Ed and your thoughts and feelings on him. Keep up the great work girlie! Love ya!

  8. thank you all so much....hearing your stories, has inspired me...too..m1ch3113lee you must be a strong lady to have had so many losses...and so recent, my husbands death was an unexpected one too..he just went to work and never came home, and he was only 37, so that is hard to wrap your mind around...because in our minds these things aren't supposed to happen. And I completely understand the guilt of scrapbooking in the beginging, but I think it would be good for you to scrap about your family loss..and yes you will probably bring up some memories that make you cry....but probably alot of good memories that will bring a smile to your face too.....thanks for sharing your story...STaci

  9. I don't know what to say...other than this made me smile.

  10. Staci definitely has inspired me creatively! :D Love her for that!