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Monday, March 30, 2009

Simplifying from the Inside Out!

For the last two days of our series we will talk about Simplifying from the inside out.

For years I walked around like a pressure boiler just waitint to pop. I held every stress , resentment, pressure and negative thing inside. This resulted in unhealthy forms of escape, ulcers, deep rooted resentment and a pretty ugly attitude most of the time.

Today I know that the more I stuff inside without sharing the more unhealthy I am and the more complicated my life becomes. I am not unique. What is true for me is true for all of us.

So what are some of the things we can do to simplify our lives from the inside out?

For me that process has taken on many forms.

1. I pray. I realease everything to God. He knows EVERYTHING anyway. There are no secrets from Him. Will it really do me any good to try to hide the fact that I have a hardened heart towards someone from Him? OR would it not make more sense for me to share it and ASK Him to soften my heart and tell Him what I am feeling? I pray every morning and then I continue to talk to God throughout the day. Often I speak to him just like I am talking to you.

I Journal. I find that writing things down actaully helps me work things that I am conflicted about through. It also helps me release some of the stress that I am holding in. I write for my eyes only and if it is something I really never wish anyone ever to read then I throw that page away when I am finished. Most of the time my journaling is done in an actual journal that I keep.

I share with friends. I have a couple of close friends that I know I can share absolutly ANYTHING with. They will pray for me, hold me accountable and they wont judge me. I know what a blessing they are in my life and I try not to ever take that for granted. I am so lucky in the fact that my husband is also a friend like this to me and helps hold me accountable in several areas of my life. I also try to never take that for granted.

Here are just three ways I try to simplify form the inside out...On Tuesday we will discuss the other two.

Look at your life right now. What can you do right now to help Simplify your life from the inside out? OR What are you doing to simplify your life from teh inside out??

Let me know what you think of the series on SImplfying your life? Have you learned anything form the blog or from the readers that have commmented? I know I certainly have been blessed by many of the comments and have learned so many things from all of you. Thank you. I love your insight.

Today is your last day to comment to be entered into the drawing to be held on the 31st for the journal and the papercrafting package. See you all here on Tuesday for the announcement of the winners, to wrap up this series and announce the new one.

Until I see you again may God bless and keep you! Love, Susan


  1. One of my biggest issues is not letting go...If I am hurt by something someone does or says, I hold it in and just can't get over it. I'm really working hard on that now and I have found ways to help by scrapping, journaling and just plain old talking to myself. I have also started to try going back to giving it up to God. That's been hard for me because I had some bad experiences with the parochial school I attended....but I am trying. And Susan, though I may not comment on every post, I really enjoy reading them all and really appreciate what you are doing for all of us! Love ya girl!

  2. SUSAN: This series has been so good for me Since I use my journal to write your questions and my answers, I can take it with me to my therapist and look at some of my answers in more detail. This past session, we discussed my difficulty in finding what I am good at. My sitting room (my "haven; my home "spiritaul center"; my "private space") still looks like a bomb went off. It is the "dumping ground" for stuff durning the day. I had it all cleaned up and organized right before Christmas, as I knew I'd need it BADLY !! So--still lots of work to do there. Thanks you for using "Simplifying" (and all it entails) as your first blog subject!! You couldn't have picked a better one for me! PLUS--I so appreciate meeting the women here. Since I teach piano when my friends around here are free (3:30-8:00), I don't get much of a social life or contact! Thanks ladies for all your posts! Love to all!