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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Simple request!

Since we are talking about what we put into our mind going out into our life, my request for you today is to simply write down what you have read, listened to or watched today..Until we really write things down and pay attention to them we seldom think about them. We will talk more on Thursday about this.Be sure to post it here and be entered into the drawing.

On Wednesday I will introduce you to Staci..I can't wait for you to meet her and to read her interview. I think it will change your life!

I know I told you I would post a picture of the scrappy paper crafting giveaway today but I forgot I loaned my camera to my son and will not have it back until Sunday..SO..I PROMISE to get it up next week. I know you are going to LOVE it and all want it..the only way to get it or the journal pictured is to post a comment between now and the 31st when they will be given away.

Today..just post what has been going into your mind (books, television, music)..and anything else you wish.

Have a blessed night.


  1. I can't wait for tomorrow :)
    I usually do not watch much television. I did notice that in the car, I had it on a country station and they had no problem with cursing quite frequently. Today was a good day filled with much conversation about our Lord, so that is really what has been coming in today! Don't get me wrong, some days it is not like that :) Please, do not enter me into the giveaway! I just enjoy your blog so much. Thank you for doing this Susan! You are such a blessings!
    Much Love~~~ Danielle

  2. Oh I posted on the 16th post. :D