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Friday, March 27, 2009

Adapting to Life on Lifes Terms

We often think it would be wonderful if we could write a script for our life and all the characters in our play of life would read their lines correctly and speak them at the right times??

I think this sometimes but know it is not true. If I wrote the script I know I would be running the show based on MY will and not God's.

Life is HARD but God is GOOD...This is what I hold on to when I am feeling overwhelmed or at times defeated by this thing called life.

My life certainly was shaken this past week. As I am in the process of seeking God's will and asking what He would have me do I am also in the process of getting ready to leave for business on Sunday for six days..the day we return we will already have house guest (my daughter in law's parents and brother ) will be staying with us Saturday night and Sunday night (4th and 5th)..Our grandsons first birthday party will be here on Sunday the 5th starting at 3:30. Sometime when margin in my life seems too thin God takes me from the place I am in and puts me somewhere else. In this case He is doing this literally. I will be away from home and will have some down time that I normally would not have.I will use that time to seek Him...

When life becomes too much or you feel you have lost control (which in case you didn't know you never really had control anyway)..I encourage you to seek God's Will. Cry out to Him, Praise Him for the good in your life and lay all our burdens at His feet.

My question for you today is: How do you cope when Life throws you a curve? Share with me the last time you felt completely overwhelmed and what was going on at the time..

Drawing will be held on March 31st even as I am out of town. There will be two lucky winners. Prizes posted in earlier post this week.

Have a blessed day.


  1. I breath. That's about all I can do! And pray.

  2. I cope by focusing only on the moment, not worry about what comes next, but dealing with it as it comes. And by drawing strength from God, who has promised us enough for each day. I take His promise literally and it gets me through over and over again.


  3. First of all my DH lost his job last October and keep in mind that he is a heart patient and has limitations so the job search is a battle. Last week we went to see my DD out of town and we were coming home when we lost both the engine and transmission in our van. It's a 2001 so it would have cost way more to fix it than it is worth. So my only alternative was to find a reasonable priced vehicle so that I could get to work. Well we did find one in our price range but ia sure hope that he can find work soon so he doesn't run out of unemployment.I know that you probably think that this isn't so bad but this is one of many things that happen on a regular basis. I could put my head in the sand and say "why me?' but I put my big girl undies on and learned to just deal with it! Thanks for listening to me whine.


  4. Just about everything seems to overwhelm me. But--I believe the quote from my favorite musical: CAMELOT--King Arthur "Just play out the game and leave the decisions to God". I'm fortunate(?)to live most of the week alone--hubby travels, but when he comes home, routines suddenly change and he wants my undivided attention (ALL THE TIME)--and that can "throw me off" !! I journal ALOT and read the Bible to slow down my brain. I thank God for my solid relationship with Him !!