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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So what are your gifts? What are you good at?

I think one of the best revelations I have had while seeking to simply my life is that there are things I do very well and gifts that I have that God has equipped me with that I can bless others with. The even BIGGER revelation was that there are also many things I am NOT gifted at...I used to try to do everything my friends did..If they made all their window treatments and childrens clothing..I thought I should too, If they ran the childrens department at their church... I thought I should too, If they volunteered at the animal shelter..I thought I should too...when the reality is that I should not do any of those things as that I am not gifted to do them ..therefore those task would be very tedious to me because I am not equipped with those talents or gifts..

My mother is a wonderful seamstress and she makes the most beautiful fabric covered baskets in the world. She made mine, my daughters and both daughter in laws wedding baskets for the flower girls and favors and people are always asking her to make them. Two Easters ago I decided that I would make my grandson a Thomas the Tank fabric covered Easter Basket. I asked my Mother for help..By the time I had finished the basket I wanted to throw it out the window..Tyler LOVED the basket and it is still used for his Easter basket..However..since I am not gifted in this area...the task became frustrating and not at all enjoyable to do.
How many times do we volunteer and or take on a task that we are not gifted in? Or maybe even worse..maybe we actually work in a job that we are not gifted at. In all the years that my children went to school from Kindergarten through College I have met several teachers that I believe chose the wrong profession..they did not enjoy what they were doing or they were not gifted at it and BOY COULD YOU TELL! At the same time I have met teachers that were so awesome and so impactful that they influence the lives the touch into adulthood and beyond.

I have taken time to write down my gifts and talents and have asked God to reveal to me any that have not been as well as areas of my life that I am spinning my wheels and areas of my life that I am trying to force due to (my own stubbornness or perhaps a bad case of gift envy :) ) As I described the above tasks..I took sewing lessons and never enjoyed sewing and honestly do not do it very well, I love children but am not gifted at working with them as a group, I love animals..but know I would not enjoy working at an animal shelter....

I have the gifts of Faith, Encouragement,Teaching, Mercy, Giving and Hospitality. Things I do very well are: cook, bake, artistic expression in the form of paint, photography, scrap booking, card making. journalism and mixed media. I encourage well and mentor women. I am a good listening, hostess and friend.

I continue to add to the things I am not gifted in or do not enjoy doing at all as well. Usually these things mirror each other.

So today I will ask you to simply post a list of areas that you know you are gifted..If you are having a hard time thinking of what your gifts might be, think about what you are passionate about and what you enjoy doing.. That is a great place to start. On Wednesday we will then look at the areas that we are not gifted..or they things that bring us no joy at all.

I can not wait to see your list..

Don't forget that all who post will be entered into a drawing on the 31st for the journal and paper crafting giveaway found below..

Have a blessed day!


  1. This is hard!

    I am gifted at letter writing (my friends are always impressed by how much my writing "sounds" like me), cooking (I love making things from scratch), taking my nieces and nephews on adventures, dropping into a city and making the best of it, enjoying as much as I can (who needs an itinerary!?!).

  2. I am gifted in almost all things artistic. I like to think I am gifted at almost anything I try to do, but that could just be my ego speaking. LOL.
    I think I am gifted in learning new things and adapting. I am also gifted with the ability to be extremely logical (maybe TOO logical) and also with looking "on the bright side of things", because things could always be worse right?? :D

  3. It's difficult to write down 'giftedness' --- but reading what the others have written helps. My list includes: the ability to communicate through the written word; having an eye for design and the ability to create; having the ability to set people at ease when in their presence; and being able to organize and keep my focus on what's important when working on a project.

    :) LaTeaDah

  4. I am good at playing the piano; writing letters to family & close friends; very inquisitive.