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Monday, March 2, 2009

Blessings / Winners/ and Simplicity Oh My!!

So wonderful to be back among you. Please let me take a moment to share this blessing in my life. A week or so ago I asked you to pray for my daughter Sarah as she had just been told that she had miscarried. Last Thursday she went to her doctor to a follow up on the miscarriage and to be seen for the first time since the hospital had shared the awful news with her. She was still having symptoms of pregnant so he decided to do his ultrasound only to find that baby dear is alive and well with a strong little heartbeat. She is 8 weeks pregnant. We have been overwhelmed with several emotions..anger (at the doctor at the hospital), gratitude (that she did not opt to have a d&c when they gave her that option upon telling her she had miscarried) and PRAISE TO GOD ( for our little blessing that is snuggled in his/her mother's womb growing and getting stronger everyday). I will ask you for continued prayers for Sarah as she does have a blood clot and that is what had caused the initial bleeding. She is on bed rest now. I will keep you updated.

The Winners of the two books of choice from the recommended reading so far are :
ScrappyDoo2U and Kristen (congrats ladies..please email me your choice of book and your address too The winner of the journal is Minda. I am excited for all of you...
Book Choices again are:
1. Margin by Richard Swenson
2. Organizing from the Inside Out by Julie Morgenstern
3. Eliminate Chaos by Larua Leist
4. Sink Reflections by Marla Cilley
5. Body Clutter by Marla Cilley
6. Boundaries

Today we will talk about JUNK MAIL...we all get it, therefore we all have it somewhere in our house. In my quest for simplicity I have started doing the following things when mail arrives at my home. I sort it and deliver it to the proper owner. Then..I take everything addressed to myself and to occupant and stand over the trash can and throw out anything I do not want. I place catalogs in a paper bag to go to recycle unless it is near the Holidays and then I may keep some of them to look through and possibly buy from. I keep all of my magazines in one place (we will talk about how I sort those in a later lesson). I keep anything with a deadline or a due notice in a folder in my desk..THIS IS BIG for me....I just started a folder for correspondence or thanks yous that need sent. Cutting out junk mail will eventually cut out much of the clutter that has taken over my office.
What do you do to control your junk mail? Do you have a system that works for you?

Post here any thoughts on the above subject or share any secrets you have to junk mail clutter control and be entered into the new drawing that will be held on the 15th of this month. I will announce the prizes on Tuesday.

On Tuesday we will look at the priority list that we have made and talk about how it can help us make major life decision in our life and help us to simplify our lives at the same time.


  1. Susan, I just love your blog!! Our junk mail is occasionally used for imaginative play by our children. They like to pretend to be the mailman and deliver the mail! Usually though, it just gets tossed, with credit card "pre-approvals" getting torn up first. I think you must get a lot more mail than we do, lol!

    I wanted to tell you that I finished that quilt for baby Sophia in just one weekend! It was so easy because I used the rag quilt tutorial found edging or basting, and each square is individually quilted so it goes together really quickly! :) Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  2. HALLELUJAH !!! I'm so happy to hear about Sarah! PLEASE pass on my love for her!! The joy you all must feel! Prayer does work!

    The recital is over (ahhhhh) and I can be back wih you all again!

    At present, everything is junk mail---mail, catalogs, magazines (although I cut back to only 2 of these now),kitchen, sitting room papers, stationary, cleaning, etc. I've let everything go this month---SO---it will be good for me to get back on track with you ladies!

    More later! I'm really happy for you all!!! XO!

  3. OMG! That is such fabulous news! I'm so happy for your family - you so deserve this blessing!

  4. first off.....sooooooo soooooooo happy to hear the wonderful news about Sarah! I'm so thrilled for all of you! I can only imagine the anger and unrest that you have about the dr and the hospital. Secondly, JUNK MAIL! We get it every day and I keep some of it for my scrappy pages. Each day when I get them mail, I open it then and there. I recycle all of the junk mail and mags. Of course I do tear off anything that has our names on it and throw that in the trash. We once had someone order from a magazine that they had gotten after they moved in to our old place. They ordered it under our name and never paid for it. It went on our credit report! UGH! But I am a faithful recycler, so I don't throw away any paper if I don't have to. It all goes in the recycle bin.

  5. A lot of the 'junk mail' i get are bills etc. So i go through them and make sure they do not have any 'important' info on them and recycle. I also went through and with which ones I could I went online and asked them for paperless billing, they send me an e-mail instead. Other than that... the rest of the mail that I get... I dont. I get Tally mail. Of which I DO NOT throw out! LOL

  6. thank you SOOO much susan! I've been trying for days to post here, and my silly browser kept locking up when I hit post! Hope this one works!

    My tip on junk mail is that it never even makes it to our house. I pull things out of envelopes and throw the empty envelopes and the junk down the chute before I even head back inside!

  7. How wonderful that the baby is alive and well. That is such totally wonderful news! Praise the Lord!


  8. I'm so thankful that Sarah didn't undergo the DNC. God was truly in your corner on that day! I am so thankful for the blessing in the midst of a storm. I'm also angry with you for the incompetence of the hospital and doctors involved.

    (on a slighter note, thank you so much for the opportunity to win a book. I trust your judgement on the selection sweetie).