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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So Sorry I Have Been Away

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To say it has been a hectic week is an understatement. As you know we have been talking about priorities and my top three have taken over my life over the past week. We have had our three year old grandson for a total of 24 days this coming Saturday. His Dad and Mom will pick him up then. It has been a joy but I am oh so tired. I know this is why God gave us seasons in our lives.

Let's talk about quiet time. I have found for me when I take time in the morning to read my Bible and pray my day always flows better and my life is simplified. I am centered and not as stressed. When I ask for help and for is available.I am able to make wise and discerning choices that help keep on from over committing and help me stay aligned with my goals of simplifying my life. Did you notice that I said when I TAKE time and not when I HAVE time. That is because I never HAVE time...I have to schedule it or take it. For me that means getting up an hour earlier everyday. This is also the time that I usually take to write the blog.

When can you take quiet time to pray, meditate and or journal?
Will you make that commitment?
Tell me one thing that you are working on right now in your life to simplify it.
Share anything you wish.

I will be uploading the picture of the blog giveaway later today. I just need to take the picture and am off to do that when I am finished writitng.

Have a blessed day. I can't wait to hear from you!


  1. My whole life its been drilled into me that this needs to be in the morning, but I have found a different rhythm and I'm now comfortable with it. Upon waking I immediately pray about whatever God brings to mind, giving Him the day and declaring in Him it will be good. It is usually at night or in the late afternoon that I TAKE the time for bible reading and reflection. This works better with my brain!

  2. lately, i have been taking a lot of me time. and i am loving it. There are downfalls to it too, but... I think it is worth it to me at the moment.

    Other things that I am doing to simplify my life, is i am planning... a ton of things. Also making decisions... but they are hard ones so it is definitely taking some time.

  3. For me, Lent is a time to slow down; meditate & journal more. I usually work on being more at peace with myself. This year seems to be "flying by". One thing I have told everyone close to me is that from 2:00-3:00 each afternoon is NAP TIME ! I take alot of meds that bring on fatigue. I have learned this is a good time--about 1 hr. before my piano students come. I usually use 1/2 hr-1 hr. before that to journal (or 1/2 hr. before they come). On days my husband is away, I use the mid-morning for prayer, meditation, and journaling/correspondence.

    I am simplifying my life right now by cleaning out, thowing out, giving away, and organizing my bathroom. My morning routine is pretty simple & quick during the week, but I find it is easy to collect stuff (gifts from kids, usually) and run out of space.

    Have a sunny Friday everyone! XO!

  4. I used to take timet o journal my thoughts and feelings. Things in life that were obstacles and achievements. I do so miss the time to just feels at peace. For me the best 'quite time' around my household is at the end of the day when everyone has gone to bed. A time to reflect upon the day.

    One thing I've found that helps simplify my life.... silly but it works for us is that some days I make several meals at once. I also make an absurd amount for a family of 4. BUT I split everything up into sectional freezer bowls and create homemade tv dinners. Mix and match so that a few days out of the week I have a mental and physical break from the kitchen .... and time for me.