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Friday, March 13, 2009

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Have you ever read the childrens book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day? This is the best way I know to describe this past week (not day) for me. Some days (or weeks) are just like matter who you are or where you live. So for this Friday posting I want you to share with me something positive in your life right now. Let's focus on how we are blessed. I will start...I will share my blessing instead of my rants so to keep us focused in the right direction. I am so blessed to be the wife of my best friend, the daughter of the best mother that ever lived, the mother of five wonderful children , Nana to two (and a half) beautiful grandchildren and a child of God.

Now it's your turn..tell me something wonderful or something you are thankful for. Everyone that post will be entered into the drawing on the 15th for the beautiful journals pictured in yesterdays post below.


  1. I am so thankful that I have two healthy boys that seem to love their mama! I am so blessed in many ways that I can not even begin to realize. I have a great group of friends. I have you!

  2. I am so blessed that I have such a wonderful hubby and son, a great family, a job that I enjoy (and even if I didn't, I'd just be glad to have one) and a wonderful life. We are fortunate and I feel blessed to be...

  3. God has blessed me in ways I never could have imagined! My most recent (Monday)--when I fell and my head & face & knee "bounced off" the cement, I didn't loose any teeth or break a leg or arm; only spent 1 day in hospital (got to come home that night)and had loved ones with me right away (as well as some new friends). Okay--so I had a concussion and couldn't remember who the president was. Haaa! God shows his grace to me in numerous ways every day---if I just LET Him !!! Love you all! XO!

  4. I am blessed that I still have the wee one growing inside of me even if that means I have to sit on the couch broke as can be.

    ... and I love that book. I need to find a copy.