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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Family Updates and BOUNDARIES

FAMILY UPDATE: It is so hard for me to believe that Wyatt will be one in just a few days. This is the last picture I have of him from a week ago. He is so precious.

Sarah is doing well and has been taken off bed rest. She will see a high risk pregnancy doctor on April 23rd and she will continue on with her own OB/GYN as well. She loves him and as we Mommy's know..that is very important. Her baby is due on October 13th. We are so excited here.

Mom is still trying to adjust to her new diet (due to the blood thinner that she is on) and we are still working on regulating her heart medicine as well as her heart rate. I will take her to the cardiologist on April 6th.

Tyler will have his (four year old birthday ) as he likes to say in less than 4 months. He is growing up so fast. He prays for us at meals now and will pray for everything on the table..Prayers go something like this..."Fank(this is how he says Thank) you God for the chicken and the potatoes and that stuff and Bless us Lord for the green beans and don't forget the cup cakes..AMEN! This is one of the most precious prayers I have ever been privileged to hear!

Hannah is finishing off her second year in college and will be moving out this summer..Yes that means EMPTY will be hearing much more about this in months to come.

Ede is working full time as a graphics artist and media specialist as well as going to going to college at night..Busy Busy Busy!!

Aaron is CFO of Regency and doing an OUTSTANDING job!!

Matthew is working long hours at Montrose Ford witting insurance estimates.

Skip and I are BLESSED...Life is Hard but God is Good!!


We have talked about boundaries before and as we finish this series on Simplifying your life I think it is the most important topic that we have hit on. Without boundaries in our lives, life because out of control and chaotic quickly.
Skip and I are working together to create some new boundaries in our lives. When you have 5 grown children,(we are blessed to have all of our children living with in a few miles of us) 3 spouses of children, 1 that will be a spouse, 2 grandchildren with another on the way and your mother lives with you......BOUNDARIES have become something that we feel to avoid major problems such as burnout, lack of time together as a couple, no margin...etc...

Today I want you to share with me some of the ways you have implemented boundaries in your life or what boundaries mean to you. If lack of boundaries with family or friends is an issue with you..share about that as well. The thing that I have found to be such a blessing about this blog is that we not only learn from the lessons but from each other. I want to hear from you.

The other thing I want to open this blog up for is prayer request. Skip and I pray together every morning and I pray throughout each day. If you have a request simply label it prayer request in the comments. I will be working on the blog to set up a separate place for them after the 6th but for now..just labeling them will work. If you do not wish to publicly list your request you may directly email me at

Have a BLESSED day.. I will be back on Monday as I will be traveling all day Sunday.


  1. PTL Susan! I am so glad for Sarah that she is off bed rest! My sis was on bedrest for both of her entire pregnancies so I know how frustrating that can be-but well worth her girls! I will keep praying for Sarah & baby. Re: Boundaries - I have learned to say no to some of my kids activities. It is just too much driving between school, sports & church w/ 3 kids @ hm. It helps that now I have an extra car for my 2 teen drivers but they both may have diff. places to go. So they share. If they need it at the same time, I tell them they will need to find a way there & back. Its hard when this is for church activities but my schedule & time is imp too!

  2. So awesome that you and Skip pray together every day! Scott, Andrew and I are trying to add this in to every morning, and its awkward going at first. God will prevail!

    One boundary I have been working on is with Lisa and Ben. Because I take care of Ben four long days a week, I have asked her to find another "night and weekend" babysitter, so we can spend time together as friends and I won't feel responsible for more babysitting. Lisa is fortunate to have twin 17 year olds across the street who are seasoned babysitters, so this has worked out well.

    I also have a sort of unusual "boundary" with my adult children. I do not "require" them to attend any family functions. I invite them cleanly, and cleanly accept their right to turn down any offer. I don't want them to ever feel guilted into spending time with us. The result is that I see them less than I would like, but when I see them its all good, no regrets.

    An Andrew related boundary we have is our rule of ONE nonschool activity per day. Since he is homeschooled this suprises some of our friends, but most of our friends with children, in or out of homeschool struggle with overcommitment. We also make sure that not every day has an activity set up. Down time is very important to build in to each week and we want Andrew to understand and feel happy with time just spent at home with unstructured play.

  3. ohh what a post this is. I am reading this after a weekend of company, my kids popping over, my son bringing his puppy, which drives my dog nuts--but I love that puppy more-lol

    I to have 5 grown children--3 grandchildren, 2 more on the way. I work full time in social services--and i'm beginning a body care business. I think I am failing on the boundary thing--I dont know how to gain control of it.

    i feel worn out alot--I also dont feel 100%supported by my husband. He has a much more relaxed personality than i do.

    any ideas for me would be welcome--even if just a prayer!