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Thursday, March 26, 2009

We Interupt This Lesson.....

I have had many of my friends asking me to show my scrap pages here. Since this is more of a devotional blog and not so much a sharing blog, I have posted a few at the side but decided to upload a few that I have done. ..On Friday we will be back to the normal devotional theme...


  1. Susan---I LOVE your scrap pages! How I would love to learn to do this. I have been blessed to know most of your family over the years! What a gift of sharing them you have given me. I especially like the FIRST (top) page! Hope everyone there is well. My mom & dad have both had the flu---Ma to the ER; dad to the doc (even after both getting the flu shot!). My love to everyone in your home, and, especially, you, dear friend & mentor !!! XOO!

  2. You might be interested in creating a show for your sidebar!! Then you could add your pages there, and peeps would be able to see them without you losing what you'd like this blog to be about!

  3. :D
    Great idea Rachel! :D

    I LOVE that feeling blue LO. Maybe because I FEEL the same way some times!

  4. What fantastic layouots Susan!! You are very talented, and you have a beautiful family.
    Blessings~~~ Danielle

  5. Very, very lovely scrapbook pages --- artistic, fresh, and interesting.