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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Who Are You??

Today we will finish the sentence I AM....This will require you to reflect on who you are and will help you discover more about yourself in our quest this week.

I did this assignment myself and here is what I same up with..

I am Susan. I am wife, mother, daughter, mother in law, Nana, friend, encourager,procrastinator, confidant, the sum of my life choices, artist, scrapbooker, chef, baker,photographer, family historian, writer, smart ass, terrible speller,kind,compassionate,critical of myself, a believer, a Christian, passionate, determined, smart, articulate, pretty good public speaker, sometimes judgemental, sometimes impatient, dreamer, FORGIVEN, a new creation in Christ, dedicated, tired, spent, woman,facilitator,mentor, feminine, unorganized, messy, leader, philanthropist,almost 50,sometimes resentful, sometimes blue, creative, nurturing, madly in love with my husband, lover,whiner,sometimes angry, courageous in conviction,over committed with my time all the time, a mistake maker,a girly girl, over weight, entrepreneurial, prayer warrior,strong, leader and opinionated. I am Susan. I am me.

So there it is..the good, the bad and the ugly of who I am...SO...

Now it's YOUR turn..Who are you? Post your I the comments or email it to me at and you will be put in a drawing for the book Layers inspired collage for paper projects with meaning and another drawing for a Beautiful Journal...If you post everyday tis will be enterd into the drawing 6 times...

You do not have to list as many things as I did but try to think of at least 10 things that you are.


  1. I am Leah.
    Wife. Mother.
    Friend. A Confidant.
    Comforting. A Listener.
    Without confidence. Gamer.
    Tired. In love. Artist,
    Happy. Sad. On a roller coaster.
    Scared to look down. Photographer.
    Afraid of heights.
    I am me.

  2. I jsut wanted to say that I LOVE your "This is our love story" layout!

    Back to me.
    I am... Adrienne:
    Afraid. Relatively Happy.
    Loved. Thankful.
    Opinionated. Reliable.
    Trustworthy. Friend.
    Cousin. Daughter.
    Doggy Momma. Girlfriend.
    Mathematical. Confusing.
    Confused. Worthwhile.

  3. I am Joan.

    Daughter, sister, mother, wife, grandmother, aunt, cousin, friend. Child of God. Volunteer. Artistic. Reader. Sensitive. Plain. Overweight. Depressed. Funny. Procrastinator. Complex, yet simple. Weary.

    I love and I am loved.

  4. Love your inspiring! I am Jenn
    Mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, social worker, coder, lover, believer, reader, exhausted, complex, hard worker, sad, happy, sensitive. And I love everything about me, even the flaws.

  5. I am. . .

    . . .a friend, cheerful, creative, dedicated, thoughtful, loving, and sometimes funny.

    I am. . .

    . . .a child of the King, a wife, a mother, a daughter.