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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Have you sat down and defined your dreams this year? I took time to do this at the beginning of the year. It is important to see them on paper, to look at them often, to do something each day that will bring me one step closer to my dreams.

I love this quote by T.S. Elliot
"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go."

What are you will to risk to reach your goals? For me it is the risk of failing, of looking bad, of exposing my real dreams to others...I am ALL IN this year.

What are your dreams? Share them with me.All that do will be put in a drawing to win a journal to write your dreams in. The drawing will be held on Sunday, February 1st!

At the upper right hand side of the blog you will see my first art journal page for the A Year in The Life of An Art Journal. We are doing the ABC's this year.I hope you will join us. Visit the blog by the same name in the blogs I visit.

For those of you following along with me in The Purpose Driven Life at, please read chapter 5 and share your thought on the chapter with me. All that comment will be put in a drawing on Friday for a copy of the book A Purpose Driven Life.


  1. ....Dreams.?? I think for me my dreams are getting healthy....and supporting myself financialy for the first time in my life..I am working on the getting healthy..just haven't figured out exactly how I am going to do the other one yet...

  2. I am having dreams I have NEVER had before---and I'm not sure they're healthy--but---dreams are dreams(wonderful things)! I dream about having a new white Jaguar auto; some diamond rings & bracelets; a large pink feminine master bathroom (just like I want it--hee); new clothes, shoes, and a couple Louis Vuitton handbags; spending part of this winter with my family in a beautiful million-dollar home in a warm, dry climate with an indoor/outdoor pool. All material things----unusual for me. But....I know these dreams are trying to tell me something....dreams usually do, don't they. Maybe it's just an occassional "vacation place" in the midst of a strained life right now. THANKS for the topic, Susan!

  3. My dreams are fairly simple, but I believe will make my life happier. Some of them are to:

    adjust to the 'empty nest' and find new ways to create wonderful times with my adult children

    get my house totally in order and adapted to 'two at home' --- this means redecorating the boys rooms --- turning their computer lab into a studio for me --- and decluttering

    to develop a talent that I have allowed to be set on the back burner

    write a book

    :) LaTeaDah