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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Get Messy

Too often we play it safe because we are afraid of making mistakes. But God is a Gd of color, of light. He is CREATIVE and SPECTACULAR in every way. He doesn't hold back in His Self-Expression!

The great Master painter allows you and me to take up our little paint brushes and paint our lives in a multitude of colors-some that clash, some that take others by surprise or provoke disapproval. In all this He looks down on us in Love, He smiles, He celebrates our uniqueness.

So take risk with your kids, do crazy things, surprise your husband. Have a dinner set up in your yard with candles and music. Dress in a whole new style. Change your hairstyle or color. Paint a wall-every wall! If you have seen the television show the Magic School Bus, You will remember Miss Frizzel's motto: "Take chances, get messy, make mistakes. AMEN Miss Frizzel
Sheila Walsh from The Great Adventure.

Starting this blog was all part of picking up my own small paint brush this year. I have also started an Art Journal (prompted by our special guest this coming Friday) and a Spiritual Journal which is both written and artful prompted by my friend Minda..I have been looking at hers on her blog for a while now. I am getting crazy with my grand babies..laughing, dancing, playing, playing play dough...making cookies with them. I am writing devotionals that I want to put into a book for each of my children, I am submitted articles to magazines, I am planning a wildly romantic night for my husband when we are away in February, I joined the Y with my mom...this will give us a chance to have some quality time together while getting healthy...I am sharing my real self and OPINIONS with others..Hmmm..that could get really messy..LOL.. and tell me what chances you are taking or how you have chosen to get Messy this year...For thse of you following along in the first 7 chapters of The Purpose Driven Life ..Please read Chapter Two. One Thursday we will discuss this and you will have anopther chance to post and be entered int to Giveaway of the Purpose Driven Life Book and Devotional. Just go to where you can read the first seven chapter free as Rick has them posted right there for you..

So..come on..tell me your messiness!!


  1. I've taken a BIG risk in putting it out there that I have a weight loss goal. If I fail, people will know - and that's not something I'd typically be comfortable with.

    Another chance I'm taking is applying for lots of card DTs. Failure isn't something I take well - so in the past I haven't applied for many. I know I wont make most - but putting myself out there is important.

  2. Thank you for being the first person to follow my blog......that is my craft blog as I call it.....I do have another one tucked away for just random thoughts.