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Friday, January 30, 2009

What is Mastering You?

It is true that we are a slave to whatever masters us in life. God created us to be free so we know that is not His will for us. Today we will search ourselves and our lives and become honest with ourselves about what is t that masters us. It could be emotions, our work, our lack of time management, depression, spending more than we make, food,the ability to say NO, alcohol, procrastination and a million other forms that it takes on. This requires rigorous honesty. But the truth is you can not begin to become free from these things..unless you first identify them.

I have had many of the above master me during my lifetime. I struggle still with food, procrastination and time management. I have been beaten down by many of the other masters and this has been the beginning of my turning them over to God and asking for His strength to defeat them in my life. God always wins! Because through Him I am more than a conqueror! This is how I know that I will be free from what I am struggling with now.

I also believe that when the student is READY the teacher will appear. Are you ready?

It's your turn..What masters you?

All who comment or email me their answers will be entered into a drawing for
LAYERS inspired collage for paper projects with meaning and a beautiful art journal.Both will be picked on Sunday, February 1st and mailed out on Monday, February 2nd.

Please let me introduce to you my two gorgeous grandsons..Tyler and Wyatt (above right hand corner). They are the apples of my eye and my one joy in growing older. My husband and I are indeed blessed to be their Papa and Nana.


  1. I use to think I could handle everything on my own, that only I could fix everything that was wrong with me and everything around me. I decided long ago to let God guide me. Your words are inspirational, Susan! Through Him, all things are possible :)

    Your grandsons are ADORABLE and I love their names!

  2. I love that you say what we all need to hear....right now I think I have alot of things that master me..Food,ability to say NO,Fear, Worry.....and I know that I need to turn them over to God...and thank you for reminding me to do that.....

  3. It takes some time and thought to determine what master's me. You did a good job of focusing on the points that matter. I would say my masters are procrastination, perfectionism, and lack of energy. :o

    Your grandsons are adorable!

  4. Susan, you are so good with words and teaching like that! Always a lot of food for thought.


  5. Your grandsons are beautiful! You are indeed blessed. Thanks for visiting Delights of the Heart.

  6. Hm. What masters me? Worry, food (definitely), school, unmotivation, time management, procrastination...