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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Curious Case of Bengamin Button

I went to see this movie tonight with my son Ede. I highly recommend it to all. The lessons are rich, the movie entertaining and your heart will be both touched and tugged.

What was the last great movie that you went to see? Why would you recommend it?


  1. I don't go to movies--usually wait until the DVD comes out ($$). The last one I saw was "Mama Mia". It was cute--I'm probably the only person on the planet that wasn't nuts about it. The movie I saw before that(HBO) was called "Something the Lord Made". I was absolutely entranced. It is about the "blue babies" in the 1940+50's and the surgeon who discovered a cure. However, the GREAT part is that it was a young black chemist who actually worked with the doctor and together discovered the cure. The title was so compelling to me---and once you see the movie--it couldn't be titled anything else. The Lord's work is everywhere in this movie. If you have HBO, or can get a DVD of it, I HIGHLY recommend it !! Love you all!

  2. I saw this, also, and I know it was almost 3 hours long, but I could have sat for another 3 had it gone on. Great movie!!!