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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Can We Talk??

Just so you know ..Since I have started this Blog..God has delt with me on every subject I have writen about each day! So when I put my fingers to the type pad today I am a bit aprehensive wondering what He has in mind for me today.

I almost always name years..I know, that sounds strange ..but really I try to define the year from the beginning.. I did not name it last year but if I could put a name on it after the fact I would call it the year of that is..being completely spent..nothing left of me.I turned away from everything that sustains me (God, His word, His prompting, daily prayer, fasting,sharing honestly friends and my husband that hold me accountable,taking care of my body and handling resentments as they surface) leaving me an empty shell trying to run my own life on my own terms..continuing to give of myself..when the truth was...there was really nothing left to give. I know that anything good and positive that came from anything I gave came directly from God and not from me..the real mystery to me is why He still used me...but I am eternally grateful that He did.I never meant to turn my back on the things that sustain me..I just became Too Busy, Too Preoccupied, Too Important . and had Too Many wrong Priorities. So this year ..2009 I am naming the year of He has made it perfectly clear that as His child..He will NOT leave me where I am and allow me to be comfortable. I have come running back and am on my knees knowing that True Peace, True Success, True Fulfillment come only from Him...I can NOT do this(life) on my own...I never could. But I can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me.

So ...What are you going to name this year??


  1. To name a year, that is an interesting idea, I've never heard of doing that before, I love it.
    "Growing" is an apt name.
    I think I'll call my year "Promise". And the hope that comes from faith will be the theme.

  2. I do the same thing. For me this year it is Home Of Economy. I want to use God's resources more wisely and generously, I want to be a Proverbs 31 woman so that my family feels well cared for.

  3. Good ideas! I have never "named" a year, either. But--I absolutely know what my 2009 year needs to be named: The Year of Gentleness. I have found myself going back to some old ways in 2008---dishonest about who I truly am, trying to be "tough" so nobody sees how tender of heart I am, being who I think everyone else wants me to be. VERY dangerous for me to get in that habit. Of course, there will be times when I will stand my ground, use "tough love", but---God made me as a very sensitive, tender hearted, giving little girl...and I continue to be that as a 50 yr. old woman. It's time I stopped apologizing for it!!! So---much more gentle with myself and those around me. Thanks for the idea! XO!!

  4. For me its the year of Change, and of course many decisions to be made.

    I am thinking about joining the Air Force... and waiting to go to a 4 year college.

    I haven't talked about it with the boyfriend.
    At all...