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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Break Out Of Your Little Plastic Mold

How long has it been since you did something outrageous? How long has it been since you ate watermelon and tried to see how far you could spit the seeds? Or gathered big arm fulls of lilacs and brought them to friends so their homes would smell like spring? Or marched in a parade or climbed UP and down the escalator? Take a chance. Break out of your little plastic mold and become a DINGY person (not din-gee but DING-ee) even if people think you are fresh out of a rubber room situation.

Did you ever watch a child swat madly at specks of dust hanging suspended in a shaft of sunlight? Children delight at such innocent, simple things-and so can you. Become a child again. Laugh! It's like jogging on the inside. Look for ways to enjoy your day-however small or trivial-even finding a convenient parking space! Look for a field of flowers and see FLOWERS, not WEEDS.
Barbara Johnson from Living Life Between Estrogen and Death

Wow..I just love to read what and listen to Barbra Johnson...but I must admit my idea of outrageous is a little different than hers...mine include taking chances...doing something you have always wanted to do..trying something that you have never tired because of fear of not being able to do it or not doing it well.
Be creative...find your inner creativity and use it to better yourself and others.
I working on this in my life right now.

It has been a tough week for me. Keeping my eyes lifted upward and staying focused on the positive always helps me. How about you?

So...did you read Chapter two of The Purpose Driven Life?? Remember you can read it for free on where the first seven chapter have been printed for you free. If you have and you want to be in the drawing for the Purpose Driven Life Book and Devotional just answer the following questions in a comment or directly email me at to be entered into the drawing. I will collect the names from those that answer the questions today and the last day they were posted and announce the winner on Friday....

Speaking of Friday...You are in for a treat. We will have our first guest interview here tomorrow. You are going to be so inspired!!!

here are the questions:

1.What events or experiences in your life have hinted or suggested that maybe you were created for a specific purpose?

2. How would your life change if you began to live each day confident that God loves you deeply and has a purpose for your life?


  1. Susan your blog is beautiful and I'm sure inspiring to all who read it.

    Lots to take in and think about, esp. for this new year!

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