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Monday, January 26, 2009

Inspiration to create. New Blog Giveaway!

Let's start off this week with some inspiration to create. We will be diving into a journey of self discovery and honesty with ourselves this week and for your effort one of you will receive this most excellent book...LAYERS Inspired Collage for paper projects with meaning. Everyone that post their answers to any of the questions posted this week will go into a drawing for this book and also for the BEAUTIFUL journal that I mention last week. Both names will be pulled on Sunday, February 1st and sent off to you on the 2nd.

Today we will ask ourselves the hard question What is holding me back from reaching the goals I have set for myself? The answer for me was a tough one to be honest about. I had to look at lack of self discipline as the number one character defect keeping me from not just one but almost all of my goals. I had to write about this in order for it to really sink in. I was specific..I named the exact areas that lack of discipline had effected my weight, my relationships, my health, my creativity, my writing, my success and my finances. I was then ready to start working o my goals one at a time and was able to see clearly the discipline it would take to achieve success in these areas of my life.

Post here with your own answer to the question:
What is holding you back from reaching the goals you have set for yourself? If you wish to email me instead of posting you may do that at All who respond will be put into the drawing.


  1. Fear of failure. Just the thought of not succeeding sometimes makes me not want to start. silly, huh?

  2. What is holding you back from reaching the goals you have set for yourself?

    I think my number one goal this year is to drop weight .... I'd love to lose about 60 lbs.

    We'll I think a lot of my problem revolves around my husband.....
    1) He squelches my feeling of empowerment and self esteem. He achieves this by constantly making comments about my size or stupid things that indirectly reference my size. This has been my major discourange factor.
    2) Once your 'big' it's harder to lose ... it's the mindset. The feeling of being too far gone.
    3) Again with the husband. If it wasn't for his constant DEMAND for non healthy food (pizza, tacos, steaks, ribs, hamburgers and non stop junk food) then I'd be preparing much healtier foods for my children and myself. I love chicken and fish. But dh hates it and I don't want to have to cook 2 different dinners each night.

    I know that blame is easily placed. I must realize that HE has stolen my thunder and I must reclaim it. Beginning today .... I will find me either a weight loss buddy OR a walking buddy.

    I've been trying to ....
    1) Record daily consumpiton ... so I can SEE what I've ate.
    2) Eat less
    3) Daily walks with the kids or dog.

    I just hope I can succeed!


  3. Well, there are many things standing in the way. But they are STEPS for me to reach my goals! So at least I am trying!
    I do need to let some things go. I am currently TRYING to clean/organize my scrappy space... and figure out the direction in my life.
    I NEED to stop buying scrappy things. i have sooo much already. But they keep putting out cuter/awesomer(yes, that is not a word, but it works perfectly) product and I am just getting into all of this. I have a WHOLE bag of scrappy stuff that I need to figure out how to get rid of. Should I try and make a profit from it? Or should I just give it to someone?
    I cannot really afford to ship it off... Maybe I will post things on my blog... and have people pay for shipping as well? I dont know. BLECH. Hard.

    Other than that. i think... after I graduate with my associates, I think I will be better able to think straight and decide on some things that I am thinking about.

  4. Good question, Susan! There are a few issues that hold me back from the dreams I have: low self-esteem---am I really good enough, do I really deserve it, am I smart enough, engaging enough, pretty enough? Then--that fear...a huge issue for me. The others are finances and my energy level (being careful NOT to get "burned out" from intensity or doing what is necessary now for me to care for myself).

    Along with the fear is ASKING FOR HELP!

    Lots of work to do and trusting God!

  5. Mine is relatively simple. I have been standing in my own way. Negative self dialogue is a cruel tool, one I use on myself often. I'm the only person who've been standing in my own way... the one to blame. Not this year. I may be like the turtle, slow, but I will succeed!

  6. What's holding me back from reaching my goals? When I think about this, I realize there are probably three main things: energy, devotion to cause, and sometimes resources. None of these are roadblocks that should keep me from achieving my goals, as there are ways around each.

    Thanks for the give-away offer. I appreciate it.