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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Your Safe Place

I am sorry I am so late posting today. We arrived in Arizona very late last night and have been working all day..

Here is the finish the sentence for the day. I feel safe when I ______________.
I recently challenged a group of scrap artist to create a page that reflected their own safe place. I challenge you to finish the sentence. As always, I am doing the assignment with you and this is what I came up with. The first thing that came to my mind was (am lying in my husbands arms). Indeed I do feel loved and often time safe..But the REAL answer to this question for me is ..
I feel safe when I am able to fully release my worries in prayer, fully accept God's will, fully obey Him,and fully rely on Him to fill every empty place inside of me.

Your turn..Finish this question and be entered into a drawing for Out of Bounds (scrapbboking without boundaries) and a beautiful journal. Both to be given away on Friday 2/13.


  1. I feel safe because I know that I serve the All-Mighty God of the universe. I feel safe because He is in control. I feel safe because I know that no matter what ever comes at me in life, I have the promise of spending eternity with my Lord and Savior. Yes, I feel safe.

  2. I feel safe when I totally turn myself into the arms of Jesus -- and can fully release my worried and cares to Him.

  3. AT this point in my life---I have 2 safe places....both with the SAME friend: In my church, especially during the worship service (with my Lord) & in my sitting room in our home (in the arms of God)! I have a special prof. drawing of Jesus snuggling a lamb--very simple, but SHOUTS to me. I LOVE it !!! And--all of my new friends here!

    Susan: the journal you sent me was soo beautiful, it brought my tears. THANK YOU! XXO!

  4. Love this esp being alone with a chronic illness lost all and I mean all of my spiritual!!

  5. I feel safe when...
    I am creating.
    I am online, sharing things and being me.
    I feel most safe when I feel that I have the freedom to be just me.