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Thursday, February 12, 2009

What motivates you?

The last question in this series is What Motivates You? On Friday we will take a long look at what we have learned about ourselves over the past 10 days. We will also prepare for the new series that we will start on Monday.

This is your last day to post your answer and be entered into the drawing for OUT OF BOUNDS (scrapbooking without boundaries) and a beautiful journal to record your thoughts. I will announce the winners on Friday. There is still time to go to back post and answer other questions to have your name entered more than once.

As always I will play along and answer yesterdays question..What would an observer of your life say matters the most to you? An observer would say that my relationship with Jesus, my husband , my children, my grandchildren, my mother and my work with children with cancer matter the most to me. Other things that matter most to me that a casual observer may not see is my quest for creativity. To use my gifts for God. I am starting to submit articles to magazines..this is also very important to me this year.My friends..I pray for my friends and treasure them. Because of my other responsibilities I am not ale to spend as much time with them as I would like to..but I love them very much.

The NEWS here is that I am working on designing a legacy scrapbook. Camp C.H.O.P.S. is in June of this year (camp for children with cancer) and I am starting to work on the arts and crafts for camp as well. Last year my daughter Sarah designed camp journal tags and we (along with other family members) helped the children make about me pages that we framed and sent home with them. This was everyones favorite craft. Parents cried when they read the journaling and the children loved doing this. I know we will be doing some variation of this again this year.

We are getting ready for the Ohio Tally Rally. Sarah and I are co hostessing this scrapbook reunion of friends. Our friend Pam is coming in all the way from Texas..the rest of us are Ohio girls and we are so excited to share each others company for the weekend.

I am so looking froward to announcing the winners on Friday...
So...What motivates you??


  1. This is an interesting question --- I think that my answer would be that I'm motivated by an inner need to create and organize. It's somewhat like a nesting instinct but on a deeper level. And like most people, I am motivated by affirmation from others (my husband, my children, my friends).

  2. right now at this time in my life I'm motivated by responsibilities. They are what keeps me going. I don't know how you have time to be creative Susan! I'm just trying to keep up with my families schedules. I also think I'm motivated by helping others.

  3. I am currently motivated by the urge to succeed... and grow up.
    I need... many things at the moment... all of which arent just going to come to me all willy-nilly. I have had to work at everything that I have earned and if I want more, I will have to continue to work hard!

    So i guess another thing that motivates me is that, I have worked so hard and... I just know I will have to keep working hard. To get the things I want in life...

    I think I actually just repeated myself... lol

  4. I am late, but I am going to still post :)
    I am completely wholly motivated by God, my husband, and my children. I am motivated my being obediennt in God's Word and Will in my life. I am motivated to make my husband happy, and my children smile. I am motivated to share all that I am so my family knows I love them. There are little things that motivate me, but those are my daily motivations :) This has been fantastic thinking! I love this!!