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Monday, February 9, 2009

What sustains you?

As promised her is the finished sentence from yesterday.

I love Jesus,Skip, my children, my grandchildren, my Mother, Tallyscrappers, my circle of friends, tearooms, Starbucks french roast coffee,creating, scrapbooking with my daughter Sarah, going thrifting with Mom, watching Gilmore Girls with my daughter Hannah, taking pictures with my son Ede, watching my son Matthew with his son Wyatt, watching my son Aaron with his son Tyler, rocking Wyatt to sleep, bedtime stories and songs with Tyler, myself, the smell of fresh cut grass, the smell of lilacs, the smell of babies, photography, writing, art journaling, theatre, Broadway musicals, going to the movies, pajama days, gifts created by hand, no bake cookies, pasta, ice cream, eggnog, coke zero, the look of new fallen snow, colorful leaves in the Fall, crisp Autumn days, babies, Christmas, the ocean, Disney, old rhinestone brooches, vintage clothing, Victorian anything, learning, NYC, Scottsdale AZ, cooking, baking, the laughter of children, the rebirth of Springtime, REAL people, honesty, blogging, art museums, spending time with friends and blog friends.

and with all that being said I cut my list short.

At the end of this week we will take time to look back over the past few weeks to see what we have discovered about ourselves before moving on to the next step. If you have missed questions in past post now would be a good time to go back and answer them by posting here ,on paper for yourself or by emailing me at

Today we will look at this question...


Answer this question by posting here and I will share my answer with you on Tuesday. Everyone that answers this questions will be entered into the drawing for Out Of Bounds (scrapbboking without boundaries) and a beautiful journal for you to record your thoughts in.
Drawing will be held this Friday.

So...What sustains you?


  1. This for me is not a what, but a who. There is only one person who could ever possibly completely sustain me. God. Knowing that I am a child of the All-Mighty, Holy, Sovereign, Perfect, and Loving Father, is all that I need to sustain me. :)

  2. In one word --- HOPE sustains me. Hope = God. Without that, life would not have meaning.


  3. My Faith in God !!!!
    parents & husband

  4. God. He is my everything. I cannot exist without Him. I cannot make it through these crazy days without Him. He is my Lord, my Savior, my Friend.