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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

After reading yesterday's comments I have to say that I could not have written what sustains me better than Danielle ..

Danielle said...
This for me is not a what, but a who. There is only one person who could ever possibly completely sustain me. God. Knowing that I am a child of the All-Mighty, Holy, Sovereign, Perfect, and Loving Father, is all that I need to sustain me

Thank you Danielle..this is my answer as well. I can do ALL things through Him and Nothing without him.

Our question today may be a difficult one but a very important one in the steps we are taking.

What would an observer of your life say matters to you most?

I have about a 6 hour drive to our next place of business and I must pack and and get ready to go..but before I leave you today I just have to announce our exciting news. My daughter Sarah called me on my birthday to tell me that just that day she took a in home pregnancy test and is pregnant. She will go to the doctor on Wednesday so I will have more news on Thursday.

Remember that every post will be entered into the drawing on Friday and that if you have miss questions over the past 10 days you can go back and answer them.

So...What would an observer of your life say matters to you most?


  1. SUSAN: Congrats !!! I read about Sarah's good news on her blog! Yea!!!!

  2. I think that... an observer...
    Would say that...

    "Jeese Adrienne! Stop thinking about other people and start thinking about YOURSELF. You CARE TOO MUCH!"

    I care about everything. Too much. I know. It makes things a lot harder for me...
    I am stuck...

  3. This is incredible news!!!!!! I am so excited for you all! We should plan a book!

  4. An observer would say God and my family. Driving kids to sporting events. friendships. Prayer.

  5. I think an observer would say that my family matters most to me --- the characters that I helped my children develop, the home that I create for them, the security and sense of place that we value.

    Congratulations on the new pregnancy! Awesome news!

  6. My spirituality. My ability to put folks as ease (even though I'm usually terrified inside). The love I have for my family. Bringing a sense of caring and esteem to each child I teach piano to.