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Monday, February 2, 2009

It's all about priorities!

Today we will look at the list of priorities that we made yesterday (If you did not make them worries..just do so today). Now we will work on listing them in order..For example God, family, friends, could be as simple as that or it could take on a much more detailed look. It up to you. This is YOUR list and no one elses.

I will do mine after I pray for guidance. This list will help me through out this year make decisions that are important in my life as well as the life of my family so I know prayer is needed before I start. For example...If I am asked to sit on a Board of Directors (no matter how inviting or flattering) this year and it is not on my list of priorities or it will clearly take me away form what I have (with God's help) chosen as my priorities , this list will then help me to clearly see this is not a good choice at this time and empower me to say no.

I shared with you before one of my biggest challenges has been over commitment.
I have depleted myself in the past and still not met the obligations and not spent the quality time I WANTED to with my true priorities (and yes..that even includes time for myself).

Your assignment today is to make your priority list and then to list them in order. This is a very private matter. I just ask that you write them down for yourself and then post here that you have done this and any thoughts or insights that you have had from this assignment or the past weeks assignments. When you have done this you will be put in the drawing on 2/13 for Out of Bounds (scrapbooking without boundaries) and a Beautiful Journal. There will be two separate winners. Each day you post you name is entered.


  1. Susan--good idea! Helps to get me focused! This was a tough one--not so much the priorities, but putting them in order!!! After prayer & journaling, I think I've got them:

    1)my relationship with God (and INNER PEACE)
    2)my family
    3)my mental & physical health (NOT "burning
    out" from over-committments!)
    4)financial security (not millions$$, just a
    place to live,food,clothes,pay for health

  2. My priority list is completed --- and is directly related to my previous comment on what is important to me in my life.