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Thursday, February 19, 2009

I will be gone and a prayer request

I will be gone from Friday the 20th through Sunday the 22nd. My daughter and I are hostessing a scrapbook rally with several friends. I will be back online on Monday.

I have a special prayer request. My daughter had a miscarriage on Wednesday evening and could really use your prayers.It breaks my heart in several ways. I am hurting and so hurting for her. I know many of you that read my blog also know her so please lift her up.

Keep cleaning out the clutter we are working on and remember to write down tonight what you wish to accomplish on Friday. I look forward to meeting you all back here on Monday.


  1. Oh, Susan----I am SO sad to hear about Sarah !! You are both in my thoughts and prayers!! Please pass on my love to her. Take care! XXO!!!!

  2. Susan - Will definitely be lifting your family up in prayers. I hope that you have a special weekend with your daughter.
    Much Love & Many Blessings~~~

  3. I'm so sorry about your daughter's miscarriage. I will pray for her --- and ask God to bless her again with a little one.

    Enjoy your time at the scrappy-rally!


  4. I am so sorry to hear your daughter had a miscarriage. It is such a sad time for her and family. I will also keep you all in my prayers.