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Thursday, February 5, 2009

What do you feel led or called to?

Today we will finish the sentence ..I feel led or called to_______________.
It could be anything..being a good mother, feeding the homeless, finishing your education, taking care of yourself, sharing your hope, creating art, growing a garden, becoming a teacher....Whatever it is it is YOUR calling, YOUR vision.

Here is my take on this assignment. I feel led and called to work with children with cancer which is why I will continue to be so involved, to mentor and work with women that have been physically or emotionally abused and with teens that are pregnant or that already are teenage mothers, to be the best wife, mother,daughter , friend and Nana that I can be each day. To share Christ love and Hope with everyone I encounter through words and/or actions.

Your turn...Finish this question and be put in the drawing for Out of Bounds
and a stunning journal both to be held on February 13th.

I feel led or called to_____________.


  1. I feel led or called to discover who I am to be as a woman of God during this period of my life. These are transition years and I am excited to discover where they will take me.

  2. Mrs. Susan-
    I love your blog! I love what you are doing everyday on it. Here is my answer:
    I feel that I have been called to minister to children. I feel led everyday to pray for people who do not know Jesus, and do not have any idea what they are missing. Thank you for being so wonderful

  3. I feel I have been led or called to be a good wife and mother. My husband and son are my world. Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed with all of it, especially because of my career which keeps me away from them once in awhile, but I believe it makes us stronger as a family.

  4. Although I feel selfish about this (and have to deal with THAT), I really feel God is telling me to care for myself---REALLY care for myself. I'm slowly understanding (as my parents & husband are aging)that if I'm not ok, I cannot help them! I have a chronic illness (with medication that saps alot of my energy) that requires I take good care of myself and it's so easy to fall back into that "being everything to everybody" (as I pretty much had the energy & stamina to do before). God is preparing me for a role I'm just beginning----caring for an aging family. It's past time for me to stop listening to EVERYBODY and REALLY hear (and follow) Him !!! Love you all!

  5. I feel led to be a good listener. I don't talk a whole whole lot, so I think my purpose right now is to just sit still, and lsiten.

  6. I currently feel called to nothing. I have no idea what is calling me. I feel pretty lost.