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Monday, February 16, 2009

It's Never Too Late To Begin Again

I shared with you that we are be starting a series on simplifying our lives. This is an excellent one for me to work on with you while sharing daily. I have heard hopelessness from so many of you and I want you to know that none of you need to carry that burden any longer. God's mercy is new every morning. He is the God of new beginnings. He is ready to help you simplify your life. The secrets are held in His word. Last year I struggled with over commitment and many other distractions and strongholds that drained me and took me away from my true priorities in my life. As I have sought God's will in dealing with these areas He has shown me many ways that I can simplify my life with His help and I am excited to share them with you while continuing to work on then in my own life.

Everyone that participates in this series by posing or contacting me privately(starting today) will be eligible for the giveaways at the end of the series on March 1st. I will reveal the giveaways on Tuesday.

My question for you today is How do you know that you need to simplify your life? Answering this question will help you to reveal some of the areas that are challenges for you. We will be answering hard questions during this series. But I know we will all come out on the other end of it feeling much better and having margin in our lives. What a blessing that will be.

So...How do you know that you need to simplify your life?


  1. I know that I need to simplify my life because I am drawn in many, many directions at one work, my husband, my son, myself, my seems as though everyone wants or needs me all the time. I know all of these are very important aspects of my life, however, I feel as though it makes me crazy. I need to take more time for "just me"...

  2. This is way too fresh for me. I know I need to simplify my life because I push myself so hard that I wouldn't sleep and ended up having a seizure. Now I can't drive for another 5 months (went to the dr. today) So, I think this will help tremendously :)

  3. First: Danielle-I'm REALLY sorry to hear about you having a seizure! That must be so scary! You are in my prayers!!

    OK--simplify---Haaaa. My life/brain is CHAOTIC !! My husband travels on business, but his schedule can change at the "drop of a hat", and he can be here all day (and want my constant attention)!

    The plumber is here, as I write---it'll be BIG $$$. I have a small acc't marked just for "HOUSE", in which I bought some much needed new carpet, and had planned to replace some more. NOTHING has been done to our 30 yr. old house (except painting I've done and some new lighting fixtures), so now, I'll have to use THAT $$ for structural stuff. Grateful that I have that. Plus--when we married (10 yrs. ago)-we merged 2 lives of "stuff". I've been working on it, but CLUTTER needs simplified !!! Adds to my CHAOS.

    Aging parents; an added workout 3x's a week (takes about 2 hrs. out of my morning (I teach piano from 4:00-8:00); and my piano students' big recital coming March 1st.

    Stuff--living life. We ALL have it. But--in my "Year of Gentleness"---these things HAVE to be attended to (gently--hee)!

    Most of all, I have an illness that demands ROUTINE for me to stay well and "level".

    This will be the ideal way to help with that! And constant prayer for God's help, which I believe, is where it ALL comes from.....and FOR!

    Thanks to all my new friends here. Danielle---take care! Love to you all!

  4. I know I need to simplify my life because I feel unhappy.

    I feel like I cannot devote the time needed to things that genuinely make me happy!