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Saturday, May 29, 2010


Do you ever feel like you are just spent? That there is really nothing left to give? The idea of a bath and night in bed sounds far more wonderful than than dinner out at the elegant restaurant? ME TOO! As a matter of fact I have found myself there today. I am going to take it easy today (the only day out of the Holiday weekend that I can)..This is a choice. I choose to let everything else go and rest. It will all be there on Sunday. This is growth for me. I don't know about you but I am usually the last person that I take care of. So today I will take care of me. What about you? Do you need to schedule a rest day (or half a day or hour)? I would always say..I DON'T HAVE TIME...but one day found that if I don't schedule time or make time for rest that soon I will have that decision made for me. You body can only take so much stress (both physical and mental) before it starts to shut down. If you still have a difficult time taking some time to rest, look at it this way..If you do not take care of YOU, you will not be able to care for the others that you love . Something to ponder on the beautiful Holiday Weekend.

Our featured Blog today belongs to Marilyn Miller. Marilyn is the owner of MARMALADY's , a scrumptious tea and jam specialty online store. I LOVE her jams (her own recipes) and recommend them HIGHLY. Marilyn's blog, Hearts Delight, is beautiful, gentle and filled with inspiration .

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See you all on Sunday!


  1. Thanks for featuring my blog today and mentioning Marmalady's. I love sharing with others.

    I also can totally relate to what you are saying about needing a day off. Eventhough I don't have little ones and don't go to a regular job anymore, there is still that need to nurture myself.

  2. BRAVO, SUSAN!!!!! I'm so proud of you, Woman!! As you know, I usually wait until "the decision is made for me". We must be in the same "sphere"(big surprise, right? haa)! I decided to use Thurs. morning. Since I've been on "chaos mode" for 2-3 was LONG overdue!! AND--guess what---I think mostly because of that..."everything has come out"---(YOU know what I mean!!). WOW--Whew! Take care, dear one !!!! I love you!

  3. You have been so sick, you really should take more time for yourself.
    I keep getting sick. Right now I have a cold with a terrible cough. I am going to rest and try to get better. I only have 3 more days of school, plus Friday which is a short day of cleaning up.
    please enter me in your drawing!! And feel better!!