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Monday, May 17, 2010

Hello Out There

I know it have been forever since I posted here and there is SO much to catch up on.

I have been busy with this Journaling blog (Your Life Spelled Out)that I am doing and with writing the book that accompanies it. I hope to have it finished and published in time by November.

You can take a look here

Skip and I have traveled to Asia on a special project twice already this year and I know we will have at least one more trip before the year is up. I have been sick for two and a half straight weeks. It started with E coli and now I have walking pneumonia I am so looking forward to feeling well again.

I am a also busy working on the 16th Annual Project Ed Bear dinner/auction. We had to change locations because we had over 500 people last year. What a blessing! I worked on that and have successfully found our new location.

Project Ed Bear is an all volunteer 501c3 tax exempt organization dedicated to providing comfort and needs to pediatric oncology patients through out Northeast Ohio.

I am super busy working on Camp Chops (Camp for children with cancer)which is coming up soon (June 4th through 6th). Project Ed Bear pays for the entire camp and on Saturday a group of us will set up fun stations all over camp for the children.

My grandchildren (light of my life) are growing up right before my eyes. Tyler will be 5 in July, Wyatt just turned 2 and Aubrey is 7 months old already.

Wyatt was just diagnosed with Autism so we have been rallying together and Matthew and Mindy are busy getting a therapy schedule together for him. He is my little love!

We will start things up again here with some interactive happenings. First to get you back here I will put everyone hat post a comment here through the end of this month into a drawing for a $10 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble or to Archivers (your choice). This will also apply to anyone that visits my other blog and leaves a message telling me that they arrived there from here!

Post and let me know how you have been. What you would like to see on the blog etc.

Hey...have a great day!

Until Tuesday...

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  1. You don't have to enter me in to win.. just so good to see an update here. I know life keeps you busy! It's so good Wyatt and his parents have the whole family.. I just know you guys will be such a wonderful support system. Big hugs to y'all.