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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Series and Blog Giveaways!

Today we will start a new series that will run the entire month of April. With the economic downturn effecting so many people I feel led to do a series on ways to be frugal and save money . I have been doing my homework and have several resources, tips, websites and books that I will be sharing with you. I also invite you to join in by posting any tips that you have as well.

So many people I know have absolutely no idea where they stand financially. If I asked them how much money they had in their checking, saving, 401k account etc..they could not begin to tell me. They are usually the same people that when asked what the budget is for groceries will say.."What budget"......and even worse..If asked how much they owed on credit cards etc..they would also have no clue.I can relate to all of them because I was once one of them. My husband has been my greatest teacher in financial responsibility. I have been a SLOW learner. I found it was very difficult to break old habits. Many of us were never taught how to budget..It is not taught as a required course in school so unless you had parents that took time to teach you(if they even knew how to themselves) probably never learned this important life skill.

In this series we will start looking at our finances as a whole. The first thing that I want you to commit to me is that you will write down absolutely everything you spend for two weeks . I will join you in this process. At the end of the two weeks I think we will be more aware of where the money is going and will also have more of an idea on how to set up our budgets.
So for today I just want a commitment. Post here that you commit to writing everything down for two weeks. All that do will receive a RAK from me at the end of the two weeks once you have posted what you have discovered. YES..IT IS THAT IMPORTANT TO WRITE IT DOWN!

On Thursday we will talk about groceries and ways that you can save at the grocery store along with several tips, recipes and websites to help you out in your quest to feed your family on a budget. These are all things that I am implementing into our own family budget.

Winners of the last Blog Giveaways were posted on the previous post..Make sure you look to see if you are the winner. The new blog giveaway winners will be drawn one week from today. I will be giving away two each week during this series and will be posting pictures on the 5th when I return home.


  1. Yes we will starting today! I've been planning this but haven't started - even got a memo book a week ago. Since my husband lost his job 3 wks ago, it has convicted us of our stewardship of our $. We are learning where to cut and how to save. I googled "unemployment & finances" & found many helpful sites. I've also been recording Dave Ramsey & also Clark Howard's shows. On Dave's Fri. show people call in who got debt free (of everything or everything but house payment). They tell their stories and some of them were so much worse off that it motivates you! We should have obeyed God. Just search "debts" on to see what God says about it! Proverbs 22:26-27 spoke to me today. I know this sounds strange but my husband's job loss has been such a blessing that I am so thankful it has happened. This trial has brought us closer to God and to each other. God is faithful! My husband's job int. today was just moved to Mon. but he has one on Friday! Please pray for guidance & wisdom!

  2. Oh I WANT to do this.
    I like to think that i have preeeeetttyyyy (okay, somewhat moderate????) decent finance skills...
    I have SOME debt though.
    Loans for school... maybe (so far) $800
    Credit card: $3,000 (which has my laptop purchase on it 1,200, and the rest is paying for school)
    and then I have a Kohl's card... LOL. I work there... lol it has about $200 on it, or so.

    So there is that much.
    I want to do this.
    I will have to start tomorrow! :D

    I am excited to do this because, I am going to be quitting smoking. And, so, I will not have to put down $6, smokes, every day anymore! :D