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Monday, April 6, 2009

Saving Money At The Grocery Store Part Two

I am home and already saving money this month. I am SO EXCITED to share this website with you. You will find the top ways to save money at the grocery as I promised and a much better free printable price log that you can print out and start saving money right away.

I am looking forward reading what you think about this site. I will have a new site everyday this week. I have found ways to save hundreds even thousands of dollars from everything from groceries, pet food,patches, cleaning products, clothing and even housewares and furniture. It took a bit of research but the results have been SO worth it.

If you have not done so make sure that you read the comments from our first day of saving. We having plenty of great tips that have been shared.

Here is my big save today. My daughter is expecting a baby in October. I have a car seat already but I will need an infant car seat for my car. I had someone give my a (like new) one..and I was SO excited. Then I researched and found that it had a recall issued. I was bummed and then thought...I know I didn't buy it but they should still honor the recall..right?? So I called the company and sure enough they are sending a new kit at no charge. So I have a new infant car seat for FREE.

I also received my coupon for a FREE multi pack of kids essentials nutritionally complete chocolate drink...(a $5.00 value)

and I printed out my rebate form for $4.99 back for the All Bran Strawberry Melody Cereal...

So my combined savings for today are $129.99

Now..go check out the website I gave you and let me know what you think. Remember the RAK's will be picked on the 8th for this week and all you need to do to enter is post a message. Which reminds I knew I was forgetting something. They will be at the top of Tuesday's post.

Please also leave prayer request. I would love to pray for you.

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  1. SUSAN: This website is outstanding! It actually has coupons for the stuff we use---so often these kinds of sites have coupons for bulk items (we can't really use for the 2 of us--and Bill is usually gone), but this has paper products & food items that I get every week at the grocery!!!
    Thanks for the tip-off !! XXOO!