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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And The Winner Is..

KIM...You are the winner of the gift card. Please post and let me know if you would like a gift card to Barnes and Noble or to Archivers and it will go out to you this week.

This week will be a very busy one.. We are getting ready for CAMP CHOPS (camp for children suffering from cancer). On Saturday we will be there all day doing all of The Art part of for the entire day.

One project we do year after year is ABOUT ME pages (complete with picture)that are framed and given to the parents when they pick the children up. I have many friend that are scrappers, artist and several that on design teams (including my daughter Sarah) that donate the products we use for the pages and for the cards. Sarah and I over see that part of the arts. This year we will also have beading, card making, sand art and tie dye!! I have not started organizing yet, so as I said..BUSY WEEK.

On Wednesday we will resume the Blog of the day feature and I will share pictures and information about sprouting. I just harvested my first batch of sprouts from the kit my husband bought for me last month.

Anyone gardening? We have a small little patch in our back yard.

I will also announce some exciting stay tuned.

See you Wednesday!

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  1. Oh yeah! More books! Yes, a Barnes and Noble gift certificate will be greatly appreciated! I will send you an email!
    Something that I have been doing with my kids in class is a Dream Board. They really love them.
    Another way that we did a personal page was with directed questions. We had 6 questions like: What makes you unique? (I can't remember the others, lol, but they were thinking questions about themselves.)But the cool thing is that you have the questions color coded, and then have the kids pick 6 to 10 M&Ms to determine which questions and how many to answer. The kids really liked that because they can get overwhelmed by the blank page. :)Enjoy your time with the kids, it is so much fun!